DocumanLink allows you to capture paper documents and can be accessed and shared at any time. With the ability to manage different versions of the same document and to allow security settings to be set at a document level. Productivity levels will be increased by being able to find source documents both quickly and in an efficient manner.


Converts document into machine-readable format

Document centralization which all kept in a single platform

Easy document searching throughout the organization

Ability to access through mobile devices

Sophisticated security control to manage document access right




  • Capturing

    To effectively automate the operations by capturing all kinds of paper documents, transforming them into machine-readable information, and delivering them into one single location for centralization, and eventually delivering them into ALL your business applications and workflows automatically.
  • Indexing

    Smartly indexes the documents automatically and make them searchable with mature technology. Once indexed, documents can be found quickly by using various searching methods provided in system.
  • Managing
    With multiple functions of Versioning Control, Document Relation, Document Retention, Data Housekeeping, Document Security and etc., you may now enjoy the easiest way to manage all your documents!
  • Searching
    By looking through the documents content, searching in document repository is now as easy as pie. The advanced search features allow users to refine query with document metadata or location in repository.
  • Viewer
    Our users can tailor the way they want to view the search results. We provide different viewers to serve all kinds of purposes and they all deliver a rich retrieval experience at once.
  • Sharing

    It changes the way you work by organizing all business information in one common platform – store and share documents seamlessly and easily. From now on, your information is always available on-demand from anywhere.