FlexSystem is a leading enterprise solution provider focusing on high-quality software systems and services for empowering corporations to achieve corporate goals effectively and agilely. Our thousands of customers spreading over 30+ countries with including 15% of the top 100 Forbes Global 1000 and 25% of the publicly listed in Hong Kong are enjoying our 30+ years’ reliable services.

Our history of proven records, industry expertise and enthusiasm for technology excellence, FlexSystem guides every user to maximize the return on investment in software project for building competitive advantages.Headquartered in Hong Kong, FlexSystem has offices and operations in Macau, PRC, Taiwan, Malaysia, and other Asian countries.


years of experience in business software


Domicile: 2,000+ companies

headquartered in HK and

branch offices throughout Asia Pacific

of the Top 100, Forbes Global 1,000 list

companies are using FlexSystem’s product

HKSE listed companies are using

FlexSystem’s product


years of experience in business software


Domicile: 2,000+ companies

headquartered in HK and

branch offices throughout Asia Pacific

of the Top 100, Forbes Global 1,000 list

companies are using FlexSystem’s product

HKSE listed companies are using

FlexSystem’s product


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FlexSystem Consolidation System launched



Job Management System launched

FESA Financials & Private Company

  • FESA Financials launched
  • Return from being public and
    become privately held company



AX series launched

App Server & New Office in Shenzhen

  • 5-tier Application Server Technology preview
  • Set up office in Shenzhen, PRC



V10 Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Intelligence


Public listed in HK & 2 new offices in PRC

  • Public listed in HK GEM Board
  • Recognized as the only HK based accounting software company in Shanghai
  • Set up offices in Beijing & Guangzhou, PRC

FlexAccount NV5 version launched





Overseas expansion with branch offices

  • Overseas expansion with branch offices in
  • Taipei, Taiwan
  • Singapore, Singapore
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Set up development center & distribution channels

  • Set up development center in Macau
  • Set up distribution channels in Shanghai , Beijing & Guangzhou , PRC

FlexAccount NV2 version & FION launched



Set up PRC main office & product approval

  • Set up PRC main office in Shanghai, PRC
  • Product approval from Shanghai Municipal
    Financial Bureau


Adopt object-oriented programming methodology

First launch of FlexAccount





FlexSystem Analytics provides fastest and easiest way to enterprise, from collecting data to producing analytical result. Transaction data will be validated during the import process, with FlexSystem Analytics’ ultra-fast data processing ability, millions of transaction data will be then transformed and calculated within seconds. You can always get the result in report format via Email or web downloading which can be deployed in different ways for example dashboard, spreadsheet and PDF or desktop and mobile device, so as to allow user focusing on what matters to them. Stay in the know, spot trends as they happen, and push your business further.

FESA Financial

Our new release of FlexAccount, i.e. FESA Financial, brings you better user experience and more possibilities for realizing best practice in financial management. Enhanced functions include extendable analysis dimension, electronic bank reconciliation, consolidation handling, budget planning etc. With FESA Financial, you are empowered to confidently manage the complex finances and remain compliant with government regulations, such as GAAP, IFRS.

FESA Financial Query

FESA Query is a reporting tool used in spreadsheet application it supports several features including Edit Formula, Retrieve/ import Voucher, Chart of Account, Analysis code & Account Budget real time data form/ to FlexAccount. So with LedgerQuery, it simply make your financial report resourceful and meaningful by extracting data.

FESA Fixed Asset

FESA Fixed Asset is specially designed for an effective and accurate control on assets. You will be given a full picture of each asset that tracks the location, quantity, condition and depreciation status with ease.

FESA Consolidation

FESA Consolidation is dedicated to improve efficiency and internal control over the preparation of consolidated financial statements and also the execution process related to performance management for a group of companies.
It provides automation and streamline of group consolidation and budgeting functions to meet financial regulatory requirements and to facilitate the reconciliation between differing standards. Moreover, it offers a high speed platform that the entire consolidation process is totally automated, therefore dramatically improving efficiency whereas shortening the closing time.

FESA Human Resources

FESA Human Resources (HR) is a modular and comprehensive solution suite that allows you to manage all of your HR related processes on either a reactive or proactive basis. HR provides you with the ability to manage all tasks including your payrolls, attendance records, leave management requirements, appraisals for performance management and your learning & development needs, thereby significantly reducing administrative workload for the company and allowing increased focus to more strategic initiatives. It also supports deep proactive management through the ability of providing deep reporting.

FESA Trading

FESA Trading is the right choice when you are looking for practical and efficient solution to manage for your trading business. It automates the complex order processing while keeping your warehouse operation as productive as possible. It combines powerful analysis capabilities to give you a better understanding of your sales and operations activities for informed decision making while task scheduling and reminding functions that help you make the decision more quickly and on time.

FESA Property

FESA Property is a comprehensive management system dedicated to property management industry. This industry-specific solution is developed by FlexSystem’s decade of experience that property providers are easy to obtain the information with what they need, when they need it. You do not have to worry the property and leasing information will be missing since it helps you to keep track of the property asset status, ownership information and tenancy situation. In additions, the powerful billing capabilities can automate the billing process according to specific structure or practices with ease.


FlexWorkflow empowers you easily design, simulate, implement, monitor and measure workflow for various business and administration processes. By using FlexWorkflow, you can trace every business process and workflow at your fingertip.


DocumanLink allows you to capture paper documents and can be accessed and shared at any time. With the ability to manage different versions of the same document and to allow security settings to be set at a document level. Productivity levels will be increased by being able to find source documents both quickly and in an efficient manner.

is the ultimate integration of the information centre and collaboration platform.

Offers an effective solution for expense administration and processing automation.

Quickly and easily capture detailed timesheets wherever you are. It allows mapping of timesheet entries to match your business needs.

Streamlines booking processes in a systematic way so as to make sure no duplication is made and act as a great cross-checker..

Streamline and automate the repetitive tasks in your business, keep your gifts in optimum level and make orders without risk of mistakes or duplication.



We offer end-to-end Business Analytics services to convert customer’s raw data into meaningful and valuable business information. We help our customers stay on top of the information while implementing strategies or evaluating business performance.
FlexSystem develops an enterprise-class product for all our customers’ BI needs. It accepts multiple data sources (even not using FlexSystem’s applications!) and provides powerful, integrated platform to easily explore, extract, transform and deliver valuable data for operational reporting, query and analysis. It enables the management to gain insight into numerous operational data and quickly identify the factors to optimize revenue and improve operational efficiency.


Since establishment, FlexSystem has set the mission to provide total solutions to clients through our high quality products and professional consulting services. However, in such an ever-changing commercial environment, companies are always under pressure to get products to match with their business practice to guarantee productivity. Apart from FlexSystem self-developed application suites, we also provide Custom Software Development Services to tailor the applications for clients to address their business needs. With our services, a direct connection between our system developer, consultant and clients will be built up to deploy the flawless custom development campaign, striving for the mutual success of maximum ROI in the long run.


The primary task of implementation services is to provide advice to customers on the implement and deploy issues, such that the system is able to be up and running within specific time frame and budget. All of the services are tailored to individual client, giving the users a suitable, quick but easy to manage implementation scheme.


A good and comprehensive training warrants the users a full understanding of their operation environment, thus ensures efficiency and at the same time, minimizes the chances of error and the need to call for help. Training and education provided by FlexSystem is well planned and scheduled according to the implementation schedule.


FlexSystem has excelled in a wide range of customer services to maintain the long-term relationship with the customers. The operation support is structured in response to user needs in all aspects of the system, providing after-sales service offerings according to SLA, and technical advice as an immediate and possible solution to our customer.


We have never stopped keeping pace with rapid changes in the market and technology development. Our tremendous efforts on research and development have rewarded FlexSystem with rich technical skill sets and software quality assurance so as to maximize return on investment of customer’s computing project.